Colorful drawing of a cityscape and a blue muscular figure in a video game-like environment.
William Scott. “The Twilight Zone”, 2014 and Sandra Mujinga “Closed Space, Open World”, 2022.

William Scott &
Sandra Mujinga

11.6–4.9 2022

This summer’s exhibitions with William Scott and Sandra Mujinga are two separate exhibition projects that have been invited to Malmö Konsthall. They are installed together in an open format to allow the exhibitions to intertwine spatially, thematically and artistically.

William Scott and Sandra Mujinga explore alternative worlds in their respective artistic practices; Scott through his richly detailed, painterly work and Mujinga through her digital processes that are part of a multifaceted practice involving sculpture, installation, performance and electronic music – often combined in a single work.

Both artists raise important questions concerning the body, identity and representation through their work. These questions are linked to deeper investigations surrounding visibility and belonging – asking us which spaces we belong to, and which spaces we have the possibility to access through utopian thinking and world-building.

To William Scott´s exhibition

To Sandra Mujinga´s exhibition

Black and white portrait of William Scott in a top hat
William Scott. Photo: Daniel Trese
Color portrait of Sandra Mujinga in her studio.
Sandra Mujinga, 2022. Photo: Chai Saeidi