Två barn sitter på marken som har fina teckningar ritade med utomhuskritor.
Make art inspired by the exhibition. Foto: Helena Pataki

About the Workshop

We want to provide our visitors with keys to art and creativity. Regardless of your prior knowledge you can experience our exhibitions, learn something new and explore your creativity.

The popular workshop space at Malmö Konsthall is open on weekends and during school holidays. Our workshops are run by educators, many of whom are professional artists themselves. We work with materials, techniques, and subjects inspired by our current exhibitions, so you can expect to experience something new each time you visit. You are also welcome to visit the workshop on weekdays, to work on your own for a while. It is always free of charge, and you can bring what you have made home with you.

The public workshops are intended for visitors of all ages. We sometimes organise creative workshops for specific groups, such as seniors or young adults, or offer workshops in other languages than Swedish. You will find these events scheduled in our calendar.

We want to be available to as many Malmö residents as possible. That’s why we often appear at libraries, activity centers, festivals, and other places where children and young people are. Feel free to contact us if you have a proposal for collaboration.

We offer both tours and workshops for school classes in Malmö. The visit is free for all schools within the city of Malmö. Book your school visit here (in Swedish).

Would you rather enjoy art at home in peace and quiet? Then you can explore our exhibitions through filmed workshops on YouTube, and through our audio guide “A guided tour” which you can download for free on your mobile.

Are you looking for a holiday activity in Malmö? Malmö Konsthall organizes workshops for children and families during all school holidays. You can find the events in our calendar.

Activities in the Workshop

An inspiring image with a table filled with art supplies such as watercolors in bright colors and crayons in boxes.
An inspiring image of a girl sitting at a table with art supplies, building something out of sticks.
An inspiring image of a young person painting a plank in the sun with a spray can.