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Kudzanai Chiurai | Frida Orupabo | Eric Magassa

What happens when we sift through history and its dark repositories? The exhibition FLIGHT at Malmö Konsthall presents burning, critical and unrelentingly defiant artworks.


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Malmö Konsthall curates art that challenges and inspires. We present three to four exhibitions per year, with both local and international artists.

Kids & Youth

We want to provide our visitors with keys to art and creativity. Regardless of prior knowledge, you can take part in our workshops and learn something new.

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S:t Johannesgatan 7, 205 80 Malmö

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Daily guided tours (in Swedish)

Tue–Fri at 2pm: short guided tour, 20 min Wed at 6pm: long guided tour, 45 min Sat & Sun at 2pm: long guided tour, 45 min

Admission free

For private tours or tours in other languages please contact: info.konsthall@malmo.se.

People stand in the exhibition space and listen to someone speaking.

The Bookshop at Malmö Konsthall

Since 1994, Malmö Konsthall’s bookshop has offered the largest and most diverse selection of art books in the south of Sweden. Here you can find the perfect gift for a friend, or expand your own knowledge of the contemporary art scene.

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Workshop with Ossian Theselius and Tamara de Laval – December 2022

Concert with Kulturskolan-orchestra El Sistema – December 2022

Animation by artist Kim Demåne based on works created by participants in the project Lyssna (Listen) – November & December 2022

Interview with Ali Reza – one of the participants in the project Lyssna (Listen) – May 2022

Bild av performance men Anastasia Ax i konsthallen

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