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Åke Hodell


Åke Hodell was the fighter pilot who became a poetic rebel and language innovator in the service of the resistance and the anti-war movement. Hodell worked in the space between satire, sound poetry and social criticism and became an engine in the experimental avant-garde in Sweden from the 1950s onwards.

Malmö Konsthall is part of Kulturförvaltningen in the City of Malmö. To visit Malmö Konsthall is to walk straight into the art. The unique and open floor plan reflects the city’s goal that art should be accessible to all.

Malmö Konsthall is a part of Kulturförvaltningen in Malmö stad.


Collage of some of Hodells pieces from the exhibition 'Motstånd'.
Picture of people looking at Åke Hodells' piece hanging in Konsthallen.

Malmö Konsthall curates art that challenges and inspires. We present three to four exhibitions per year, with both local and international artists.

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Visitors in the exhibition hall, two females and one child are standing behind Åke Hodell as a large paper cut out.

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