En tavla som ligger på trägolv. Tavlan består av olika teckningar och målningar samt ligger det penslar, pennor och kritor utspridda över tavlan.
Collective artwork by participating artists in the exhibition “All the Time in Our World,” 2024.

Konstlyftet: All the time in our world

19.6-22.8 2024

“All the time in our world” is an exhibition where the individual expression takes center stage. Over the spring, twelve artists within LSS have worked on wooden panels using various materials such as oil pastels, watercolor, yarn, and spray paint. Throughout the process, the artists’ own creativity has developed and deepened.

During the creation of the exhibition, some were inspired by emotions, experiences, and interpretations of life. Others drew inspiration from social media, magazine images, festive occasions, and everyday objects. The colors and wooden materials have presented both opportunities and challenges. The wooden panels, with their rough surfaces, invited new experiments and many different forms of expression. The process was guided by artist Max Avasoo.

Participating artists: Majlinda Hatashi, Patrik, Emma Milenkovic, Jonathan Alm, Niklas Andersson, Mustafe Sheikh – Osman, Ibrahim Fakhro, Marie-Louise Book, Amela Veljiji, Aida, Sofia Hui Van, EBES
Artist/project leader: Max Avasoo
Educator/project leader: Antje Nilsson and Ylva Brännström, Malmö Konsthall


The exhibition is shown in Verkstan at Malmö Konsthall

Konstlyftet is carried out in collaboration with Kulturförvaltningen, Funktionsstödsförvaltningen in Malmö city, and MKB Fastighets AB, and is aimed at adults with cognitive and/or physical disabilities within LSS. Konstlyftet also includes a public art project that will be inaugurated in 2025 at Gullviksborg.

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En tavla som är vit/ beige, på tavlan är det figurer målade med tunna svarta streck. Tavlan ligger på ett trägolv.
Mustafe Sheikh-Osman, “Look 1”, 2024.
En tavla som ser ut att vara målad med vattenfärg. Röda, bruna, svarta och gröna svepande penseldrag täcker hela tavlan. Tavlan ligger på ett trägolv.
Ibrahim Fakhro, “Untitled”, 2024.