Traces of paint, imprints from skateboards on three large pieces of paper.
Exhibition with Bryggeriet’s gymnasium in the Workshop 2024.

Bryggeriet’s gymnasium: Transformaktion

1.6–25.8 2024

Through the exhibition “Transformaktion,” Bryggeriet’s gymnasium, in collaboration with Malmö Konsthall, has created a local connection to the exhibition “EHM [Event Horizon Malmö]” by Korean artist KOO JEONG A. The artworks depict various types of transformation, and the creative process has highlighted learning as a transformative force. Throughout the spring, the concept of transformation has permeated the teaching and resulted in works in various techniques and media.

The word “transformaktion” is a newly coined, compound term that signifies active change aimed at growth through learning, art, skateboarding and love. It can also refer to a fundamental characteristic such as the form or expression of a phenomenon or idea, and is used for changes that are too wild to be described in conventional terms.

About Bryggeriet’s gymnasium

Bryggeriet’s gymnasium emerged from an idea that schools become more significant when integrated into the broader reality. Art, street culture and design are central aspects of students’ education and lives. Collaborations with various external actors contribute to a sense of coherence, and through them, we aim to show students that their creativity and skills have relevance beyond the classroom. Bryggeriet’s gymnasium operates entirely on a non-profit basis. All students study the Aesthetic Program with one of the profiles: Fine Art, Comic Drawing, Photography and Film or Skateboarding.

More about the school

“Transformaktion” is displayed in Verkstan. The exhibition opens on the same evening as Malmö Konsthall’s major summer exhibition featuring KOO JEONG A. Read more about the opening night

Luminous sculpture in blue and pink in an entirely black room.
Sculpture by Noah Mikkelsen. Photo: Miia Vallius
A group of young people and educators carefully lift a large piece of paper from a printing surface on the floor.
Bryggeriet’s gymnasium skate workshop spring 2024. Photo: Vilma Rosenberg.