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Vernissage: Twenty Springs

Snow covered research station on a polar night. Measuring tools in the foreground and mountains in the background.
Bayelve research station in Svalbard, Ny-Ålesund, during polar night. Photo: Esther Horvath, Alfred Wegener Institute

Opening: Twenty Springs


Twenty Springs translates the spatial and temporal scales of climatic change into a sound sculpture, turning 20 years of environmental data recorded at a Svalbard permafrost measurement station into a 60 minute sound installation. The exhibition opens with an introduction by the artists and curators.

18.00: Artists & curators presents “Twenty Springs”
18.15–19.00: Experience the soundinstallation “Twenty Springs”

Learn more about the exhibition here


What: Opening
When: Wednesday 18.10, 18:00–19:00
Where: C-salen & restaurant SMAK

Drop in, free entrance

The sound installation was created by the Berlin-based artist trio Sono-Choreographic Collective and brought to Malmö Konsthall by curators Kajsa Antonsson and Brandon Farnsworth. The work is shown in C-salen during October 18–22.