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EHM [Event Horizon Malmö]: Skateboard-demonstration

Porträtt av skejtarna Nicklas Sundgaard och Moa Zander framför väggen med klängväxter vid Malmö Konsthall. De är klädda i svart och står med händerna i fickorna.
Nicklas Sundgaard and Moa Zander. Photo: Malmö Konsthall

EHM [Event Horizon Malmö]: Skateboard-demonstration


This summer’s exhibition with KOO JEONG A at Malmö Konsthall, “EHM [Event Horizon Malmö],” features “OooOoO Malmö” (2024): a skateable sculpture entirely constructed of wood. The piece is specially created for Malmö Konsthall’s characteristic exhibition space, wedging its star formation between the building’s supporting pillars.

Malmö Konsthall has designed the exhibition based on architect Klas Anshelm’s vision of using the space and architecture as a platform for artistic experiments. It is also an invitation to Malmö’s unique skate community, which gathers outside of Konsthallen in the square during the summer months.

In connection with the opening of the exhibition, we invite you to a demonstration of the piece by two well-known figures in Malmö’s skateboard scene: Nicklas Sundgaard and Moa Zander. After the demonstration, the piece will be available for everyone.

See more on instagram: Nicklas Sundgaard & Moa Zander


What: Skateboard demonstration

When: Saturday June 1st, at 11:00–11.30 Where: The exhibition hall

Drop in, free entrance

More about the exhibition “EHM [Event Horizon Malmö]”.