Stor skateskulptur breder ut sig i konsthallens ljusschakt. En skejtare åker i verket och en tittar på.
KOO JEONG A, ”OooOoO Malmö” (2024).
Photo: Alexander Olivera


EHM [Event Horizon Malmö]
1.6–25.8 2024

This summer’s exhibition at Malmö Konsthall, EHM [Event Horizon Malmö], consists of ”OooOoO Malmö” (2024): a skatepark constructed entirely of wood. The sculpture is specifically designed for Malmö Konsthall’s characteristic exhibition space, and the star formation is wedged between the supporting columns of the building. The sculpture is a playground for both spontaneous movement and choreography, exploring how the senses are shaped by the space we inhabit. The work “OooOoO Malmö” is complemented by a selection of the artist’s drawings executed in large format directly onto the walls of Malmö Konsthall. The sculpture is open for skating every day; see separate information for the schedule.

The work of Korean artist KOO JEONG A gives the impression of being situated in a flow of constant transformation. . The works’ variability is accentuated when, for example, an animated still image comes to life, when a scent arises only to disappear just as suddenly, or when a beam of light moves through a darkened room. KOO JEONG A’s practice explores our collective experiences; the works vary in scale, are carried out in different mediums and exist in both physical and digital realms. Architecture always functions as a starting point and resonance chamber where seemingly everyday occurrences can open up alternative worlds.

KOO JEONG A represents South Korea at the Venice Biennale in 2024. The exhibition at Malmö Konsthall is executed in close collaboration with the Korean Pavilion. EHM [Event Horizon Malmö] is curated by Seolhui Lee, Jacob Fabricius, and Mats Stjernstedt.

About the artist

KOO JEONG A incorporates inter-subjective phenomena, digital features and timely imaginaries into sculpture, painting, film, animation, sound and scent, to reinvent the architectural space. The artist’s site-specific reconfigurations open up narrative portals, where various media are combined with natural elements, playing with the idea of correlations.

KOO JEONG A:s work ”OooOoO Malmö” is supported by Hjalmar Wicander Foundation, the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts, the Lorens and Agnes Beijers Foundation for the Beautification of the City, The Church of Sweden and the City of Malmö. After the summer’s exhibition at Malmö Konsthall the sculpture will be relocated into Malmö’s public space in collaboration with the Society for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage and Green Parks and the Malmö in the Making project Layered. Thanks to Bryggeriet in Malmö for their assistance in the construction of the skatepark. A warm thank you also to Skate Malmö and Malmö in the Making: Power of Places.


The facility is open for skating during the following hours:
Tuesday–Sunday at 11–13 & 14.30–16
Wednesday at 11–13 & 14.30–17 

Please be considerate of others when moving through the exhibition! Skating outside the sculpture is not allowed.

The artist Koo Jeong A sits in front of a light blue wall in a light blue shirt.
KOO JEONG A. Courtesy of PKM Gallery. Photo: Kim Je Won
KOO JEONG A, ”OooOoO Malmö” (2024).
Photo: Helene Toresdotter
En person flying on his skateboard in KOO JEONG As skate sculpture..
Moses Nour skateboarding in KOO JEONG As sculpture ”OooOoO Malmö”. Photo Malmö Konsthall