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Event Series Event Series: Kollaborativet: Performance

Kollaborativet: Performance

People move in dim light illuminated by electric colors.
”Röra!” by Kollaborativet with students from Valdemarsro specialized high school. Photo: Johan Danielsson

Kollaborativet: Performance


Creating movement, touch, and presence. Inside and around us. Feeling, pressing, embracing, observing, and listening. In connection with the exhibition “RÖRA!”, Kollaborativet invites to the exhibition space for a performance, a collective and exciting event between visitors, materials and objects, image projections, and soundscapes.

Creating together

During the autumn of 2023, Kollaborativet conducted a co-creative artistic process together with students and educators at Valdemarsro specialized high school in Malmö. The process lasted for 12 weeks on-site at the school. The senses and our experience of movement were explored together with the students through encounters with various materials and objects, changes in light, and soundscapes in the room. The process laid the foundation for the performing arts experience “Mellan oss emellan” which premiered in March at Inkonst in Malmö. In the exhibition “RÖRA!”, there is documentation in the form of photos, films, and sounds from the process with the students at the school as well as from the performance period of “Mellan oss emellan” at Inkonst.

“Röra!” is directed both to families with children with disabilities as well as to other people in society who have little or no knowledge or contact with the broad group of children and young people with various disabilities. The hope with the exhibition is also that art institutions will be inspired to open up their activities to more people and that knowledge, courage, and openness to diversity will increase.

Read more about “Röra!”

Kollaborativet is a performing arts collective operating at the intersection of movement, performance, and visual/installation art. A defining characteristic of Kollaborativet is that the group creates sensory performing arts, continuously engages in co-creative processes with children and young people with disabilities and their educators, and maintains an ongoing dialogue with researchers.



What: Performance

When: Wednesday June 5th, from 17-17:50 Where: C-room

Free admission