En person i ett svagt upplyst rum rör vid och omsluter sig av tyger i en danslik rörelse.
Kollaborativet’s exhibition “Röra!” is displayed in C-room during the summer of 2024. Photo: Johan Danielsson.


1.6–21.8 2024

Touch, affect, and create motion. Inside and around. Feel, squeeze, embrace, watch, listen, let go, experience, and exist. In the exhibition “Röra!”, produced by Kollaborativet, students from Valdemarsro specialized high school participate. Explore the space, the materials, life, and collaborative creation based on each individual’s unique abilities!

Kollaborativet is a performing arts group that creates sensory and immersive performance for and together with children and young people with varying abilities and skills. During the autumn of 2023, Kollaborativet conducted a collaborative artistic process together with students and educators at Valdemarsro specialized high school in Malmö. The process took place over twelve weeks on-site at the school. The sense of touch and our experience of movement were explored together with the students through encounters with different materials and objects, changes in lighting, and sound creation in the space.

The process laid the foundation for the performing arts experience “Mellan oss emellan” which premiered in March at Inkonst in Malmö. In the exhibition “Röra!”, documentation in the form of photos, videos, and sound from the process with the students at the school as well as from the performance period of “Mellan oss emellan”.

Make children and young people with disabilities visible

With the exhibition “Röra!” Kollaborativet aims to make children and young people with disabilities visible in their creative processes and allow them to take space at the art hall as a public space. At the same time, the intention is to offer children and young people a place where each individual’s unique way of interacting and experiencing the world is welcomed and expected.

“Röra!” targets both families with children with disabilities as well as other individuals in society who have little or no knowledge or contact with the broad group of children and young people with various disabilities. The hope with the exhibition is also that art institutions will be inspired to open up their activities to more people and that knowledge, courage, and openness to diversity will increase.

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Kollaborativet is a performing arts collective operating at the intersection of movement, performance, and visual/installation art. A defining characteristic of Kollaborativet is that the group creates sensory performing arts, continuously engages in co-creative processes with children and young people with disabilities and their educators, and maintains an ongoing dialogue with researchers.


The exhibition is displayed in C-room from June 1st to August 21st, 2024. Free admission.

En konstnärlig bild av människor i rörelse i ett rum med dämpad belysning i toner av lila, blått och rosa.
Photo: Johan Danielsson
Ett rum som badar i blått ljus med en person i rullstol längst in. Rummet är omslutet av mjuka tyger formade som en grotta.
Photo: Johan Danielsson.