A painting of a metamorphosis of a purple heart and a house. The background is black.
Kim Demåne works with mural paintings, drawing, animation, and sculpture.

Kim Demåne: Human City

9.4–15.5 2022

The exhibition “Human City”, created by the artist Kim Demåne, is a unique image world where the imagination is allowed to flow freely. In the exhibition there is a recurring criticism of society, where humans breaks down and takes over the planet. But there are also elements of hope, a spark or a helping hand.

The exhibition room is a room in motion – during the exhibition, Kim will hold workshops for schools and the public, inspired by his working methods and themes in the exhibition. The groups are given the opportunity to contribute to a joint work of art that will emerge in the courtyard during the spring of 2022, which will be shown over the summer. The framework is “a letter to the future” – what advice or knowledge do we have today that we want to pass on to the future? What do we want the world to look like? Whose voices should be heard?

To the exhibition “Ett brev till framtiden”

“Human City” is a collaboration project with the organisation Helamalmö (The entire Malmö)



The exhibition “Human City” was shown in the Workshop at Malmö Konsthall.

Kim Demåne (born 1988, Ronneby) is an artist active in mural painting, drawing, animation and sculpture. Kim has been based in Malmö since 2017 and over the past decade, Kim has painted portals to his universe in public spaces. In the past year, he has had major design assignments in Gothenburg and Kristianstad, a mural for Artscape in Sofielund. Kim is also part of Stewdio Seved.

Helamalmö is one of Sweden’s largest children and youth organizations with the aim of improving the living conditions in socio-economically challenged areas. At their meeting points, young people are offered meaningful free time with adults who engage in them, as well as a leadership program for about a hundred young role models.

Helamalmös’ webpage  

Image of the artist Kim Demåne who is squatting on one of his graffiti work.
Kim Demåne, 2022. Photo: Malmö Konsthall

Painting of flames on a concrete floor by Kim Demåne.
Details from Kim Demåne’s art work created for the exhibition “Human City” in the Workshop.
Painting on concrete floor by Kim Demåne.
Kim Demåne with his art work “Human City”.