Ett grått papper med text skriven i vacker, snirklig stil i formationen av en sol. Det är mongolisk kalligrafi.
Forbidden Script is exhibited at Malmö Konsthall

Forbidden Script: Mongolian Calligraphy

21.11 – 17.12 2023

During communism in Mongolia, the Mongolian script was prohibited. In the last twenty years, the several centuries-old tradition of Mongolian calligraphy has been revived. At the same time, the Mongolian language is now threatened by China’s assimilation policy in Inner Mongolia. The konsthall is currently exhibiting works by several artists and poets from Mongolia.

During communism in Mongolia, the Mongolian script “bichig” was prohibited and replaced by the “Cyrillic” script. After the fall of communism in 1990, the position of the Mongolian script has been strengthened once again. One of the reasons is that poets and artists, over the past twenty years, have revived the beautiful, meticulous, and narrative Mongolian calligraphy. Today, both the calligraphy and the Mongolian alphabet are classified by UNESCO as cultural heritage. At the same time, they are now threatened by China’s policy, which bans the Mongolian language in schools in Inner Mongolia, where the script survived previous prohibitions

The program is part of Forbidden Culture Week taking place in Malmö from November 20 to 26.

The exhibition is in collaboration with Rámus Publishing and the Academy of Culture and Poetry of Mongolia.


Mini exhibition in the showcases at Malmö Konsthall’s bookstore

Admission free