Installation image of Edvard Munch, the first exhibition at Malmö Konsthall.
Edvard Munch on Malmö Konsthall, 1975. Photo: Laszlo Bogardy

Edvard Munch

22.03 1975 – 25.5 1975

Several hours before Malmö Konsthall opened its doors on March 22nd, hundreds of eager visitors had already formed a queue. Through a video camera placed at the entrance, the audience unknowingly became participants in a video artwork within the exhibition Moments/New Media. Eje Högestätt, the Director of Malmö Konsthall, swung open the doors and warmly welcomed the crowd. The Norwegian-born artist Kjartan Slettemark, dressed as a magnificent poodle, handed out fake invitation cards for the opening dinner at the City Hall.

Right at the entrance, the audience was greeted by the three masterpieces of the Norwegian painter and graphic artist Edvard Munch: Anxiety, Madonna, and The Scream. The exhibition showcased 175 works from Munch’s oeuvre, including around 70 paintings. The largest contributor to the exhibition was the Munch Museum in Oslo, established in 1963 on the centenary of the artist’s birth. Torsten Weimarck (Arbetet) hailed the inauguration of the new art hall as the right step on March 23, 1975, and the exhibition became a major public success.

Chairman of the Municipal Council, Arne Lundberg, delivered an inaugural speech to thousands of attendees, flanked by Director Eje Högestätt, Chairman of the Konsthall Board Sven-Åke Jönsson, and Municipal Councilor Ulla Sandell, among others. The opening poodle pranced around the audience, bringing smiles to many faces, but eventually, one of the plainclothes police officers, who were overseeing the inauguration, grew tired and dramatically escorted the intrusive dog out of Malmö Konsthall.

Hundratals människor står och tränger utanför Malmö Konsthalls huvudingång inför öppning.
Excited visitors queue for Malmö Konsthall’s first opening. Photo: Laszlo Bogardy
En man utklädd till pudel går runt i konsthallen. Övriga besökare tittar på honom samt en fotograferar.
Kjartan Slettermark as a poodle. Photo: Laszlo Bogardy
Konsthallens dörrar öppnas och en fullpackad kö börjar röra sig in genom dessa. En person i kostym står kvar i dörren och verkar ha varit den som öppnat.
Director Eje Högestätt opens the doors. Photo: Laszlo Bogardy
En överblicksbild från öppningen av konsthallen. Det är överfullt med många besökare. Mitt i massan av människor syns en man stå i en talarstol. Publiken är vänd mot honom.
The chairman of the municipal council, Arne Lundberg, makes the opening speech. Photo: Laszlo Bogardy