Vernissage card for the exhibition 'Art Against AIDS' in 1991. A white paper with black text listing the five galleries in Malmö that participated.
Vernissage card for the exhibition ‘Art Against AIDS’ in 1991

Art Against Aids

12.8 – 10.10 2021

In August 1991, Malmö’s artists and gallery owners came together and organized the exhibition “Art Against AIDS” to demonstrate their solidarity with the victims of the ongoing AIDS pandemic. The artworks in the exhibition were sold to benefit AIDS research, which was working towards finding a cure. Both artists and gallery owners waived their fees.

A tribute to the AIDS exhibition of 1991

Behind the “Art Against AIDS” movement in Sweden was the American Bill Rubino, who initiated the exhibitions in Stockholm during the early 1990s. These exhibitions were held in various locations across the country. In Malmö, Galleri Bengt Adlers, Galerie Leger, Galleri Lång, Galleri Wallner, and Hårlemans Hall were among the participants. In “Art Against AIDS” 2021, some of the participating artists and their works are presented. Some of the works were, in fact, part of the exhibition from 1991, while others were created around the same time.

Shown during World Pride 2021

“Art Against AIDS” is displayed at the Malmö Konsthall in conjunction with WorldPride 2021 in Malmö and Copenhagen. The artworks are exhibited in a separate room adjacent to the “Leonilson – Drawn 1975–1993”, also he was a victim of AIDS. Participating artists are Anette Abrahamsson, Marianne Andersson Embäck, Enrique Battista, Carin Carlsson, Jesper Christiansen, Peter Dacke, Lars Embäck, Torbjörn Limé and Leif Palmqvist.


The artworks are exhibited in a separate room adjacent to the “Leonilson – Drawn 1975–1993” exhibition in the exhibition hall