From the left: Maxmud Warsame Haji, Uffe Reinholdsson & Anna Jakobsson. Photo: Patricia Hasling

Public art commission in Sofielund

The first public commission process to be part of project Konstlyftet took place in 2021. During the spring and summer months, participants from LSS* put together a concept for three public artworks that were inaugurated in the housing block Trevnaden in Sofielund in October.

The work was created by Anna Jakobsson, Uffe Reinholdsson and Maxmud Warsame Haji, participants from Holmgången’s daily activity centre in Malmö. The process was led by artists Karin Hasselberg Mang and Cecilia Wendt in collaboration with Malmö Konsthall, the Disability Support Office of Malmö City and MKB Fastighets AB (real estate company).

Anna Jakobsson

Anna Jakobsson largely communicates with images and takes her camera with her everywhere she goes. She uses the photographs to talk about her everyday experiences. The images for this piece were selected to mediate a representation of daily life, creating a work that is personal without being overly private. The images have been cropped to a hexagonal shape and the colours have been inspired by architecture.

Maxmud Warsame Haji

Maxmud Warsame Haji’s work “Grön grön grön” (Green Green Green) is a personalised bicycle stand installed by the entrance to Lantmannagatan 25. The bicycle stand is similar to others that are nearby but is painted in the exact same shade as the inner lining of Warsame Haji’s jacket. Through the work, he wishes to spread the colour and joy that he experienced during the Pride festival.

Uffe Reinholdsson

Uffe Reinholdsson’s work is a woven picnic blanket, with additions of tulle and screenprinted details. Reinholdsson wanted to recreate a sense of summer, relaxation and community with his picnic blanket. A sketch was created in natural scale, photographed digitally and then woven at the Swedish School of Textiles in Borås. Reinholdsson often works with text; the poetic stanzas of the title are woven into the blanket. The work can be found by the entrance to Lantmannagatan 25.


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*LSS – The Swedish Act concerning Support and Service for Persons with Certain Functional Impairments.

Person i jacka och luvtröja, röda glasögon och lätt leende. Bakom finns stort fönster med färgade partier.
Anna Jakobsson. Photo: Patricia Hasling
Man iklädd i svart pekar på inglasat konstverk gjort av tyg i lysande färger.
Uffe Reinholdsson. Photo: Patricia Hasling
Del av större konstverk gjort av färgstarkt tyg med inbroderad text.
Photo: Patricia Hasling