Grupp människor står framför en gul husvägg med två konstverk på väggen ovanför sig.
Thirteen public artworks were inaugurated in the residential area Bellevuegården in 2022.

Public art commission in Bellevuegården

In the autumn of 2022, thirteen public artworks were installed in the residential area of Bellevuegården in Malmö – twelve individual works and one collaborative piece. “It’s important that art made by people with developmental disabilities can be seen both in the public realm and in exhibition spaces”, says artist Nina Jensen who worked with the project.

Konstlyftet’s public art project in 2022 resulted in thirteen public artworks that were created by six artists. The artists from LSS were Kim Nilsson, Inga-Lill Andersson, Marie-Louise Book, Richard Hansen, Thorwald Persson and Eva Liljevi. They created twelve paintings on metal sheets and a two-metre-long concrete relief – a central collaboration piece that now adorns the housing block by Stensjögatan 24.

”The most exciting thing about the project is that the artworks are in a public space so everyone can see them, and to be a part of creating something that will last.”

Kim Nilsson

In the collaboration work, the participants chose everyday objects that they have a personal relationship to and cast them in concrete. The result is a so-called “glyfossil” – a completely new word that emerged through the work for Bellevuegården and is a combination of the words “fossil” and “hieroglyph”. These two words have been central to the processes surrounding the work, focussing on traces and thinking about what will be left behind. Even in the “glyfossil” there are layers and sediments – it tells multiple stories about life lived today, about human experiences and personal memories.

The public art project at Bellevuegården was the second in the series and participants worked under the guidance of artists Nina Jensen. The works were inaugurated by Malmö’s city architect Finn Williams together with representatives from MKB and the Disability Support Office of Malmö City.


Go on an art tour with the MKB art app! The app is provided by MKB and guides you through the Konstlyftet-works Download the app via Google Play here

The project was a collaboration between Malmö Konsthall, the Disability Support Office of Malmö City and MKB housing company.

Close-up of cast artwork - a large rectangle with various shapes in it.
One of the artworks is a “glyfossil” – a new word sprung from the process. It is a combination of “fossil” and “hieroglyf”.
A man stands in front of a house wall wearing a red jacket and hat. He stretches his arm towards a piece of art on the house wall.
Thorwald Persson likes painting birds.
En entusiastisk kvinna står mellan två andra personer, vänd framåt med ena armen lyft och pekar bakåt.
”It is important that art by individuals with disabilities is visible both in the urban landscape and in exhibition spaces,” says the artist Nina Jensen, who has worked on the project. Photo: Ida Hein Ohlsson