Project: Lyssna “Listen”

“Lyssna” (Listen) was a participatory arts project that explored how we can create platforms for people with disabilities who are curious about art and how to work with art. Here you can see documentation of the project. The goal of the project was to make visible the target group’s stories and creative resources within the field of art for a broader audience. The project ran from May 2022 – February 2023.

On this page, you can access documentation of the project carried out by: Kirseberg’s Daily Activity Centre Redaktionen, Podd-gruppen, AntennenFilm and Terabyte.

While the project ”Konstlyftet” focused solely on residents of Malmö, ”Lyssna” included LSS residences and Daily Activity centres throughout Skåne. During the project, nine established artists were invited to run individual workshops in their respective techniques, spanning from painting and sculpture to installations and textile design. The participating artists were Tom Di Maria, Viktor Rosdahl, Sofia Zwahlen, Sigrid Holmwood, Ellinor Lager, Linnea Carlsson, Selma Sjöstedt, Kim Demåne, and Sergio Augusto. In total, several hundred people from across Skåne participated in these workshops. All the artworks created during the project were showcased in a digital exhibition that opened in December 2022. The exhibition, featuring around 200 pieces, was accessible at Malmö Konsthall, on the Konsthall’s website, and on Malmö city’s billboards across various locations in the city.

Animation with the artist Kim Demåne  

The outcome of artist Kim Demåne’s animation workshop was a short film. The vibrant character is made up of several paintings made during the workshop by participants from LSS residences and daily activity centres in Skåne.

Interview video featuring artist Sergio Augusto

Documentation and interview with artist Sergio Augusto during the his workshop at Malmö Konsthall. The film was made by AntennenFilm at Kirsebergs DV.

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Image of artist Sergio Augusto in a fantasy costume being interviewed by a person extending a microphone towards them.

Images from workshop with Kim Demåne

Together, we sketched each other on large sheets of paper and painted the figures. The drawings eventually turned into an animated film.

Image of artist Kim Demåne crouching next to one of their graffiti works.

Interview with the artist Kim Demåne

We at Redaktionen (the Editorial Office) have interviewed an artist at Malmö Konsthall. His name is Kim Demåne and he has held a workshop with different Daily Activities Centres in Malmö.

Kim says he has been drawing and sketching since he was little. He also shares that he might have been an artist his whole life but has been working as an active artist since 2014. For ten years, he has been trying to live as an artist in various ways.

Kim shares that his interest in art comes from his mother, who is also an artist. -Both my sister and I used to draw a lot in her studio.

He mentions that apart from the Konsthall, he has exhibited in his hometown Ronneby and in cities like Copenhagen, Amsterdam, New York, and Paris. -Everywhere I’ve been, I’ve always painted, says Kim.

Kim talks about his art, mentioning that ever since he was a child, he drew comics. His drawings were composed of lines, typical of comics. He also shares his fondness for old paintings from the Renaissance. – So, a mix of those elements is what I’d like to achieve someday. Art should always provide an answer; it should also pose a question.

The best part of his job is that he gets to do what he wants. He mentions turning down a big company that makes a lot of money building ships and weapons. -Then I was reminded again that I can do what I want. The Konsthall asked me if I wanted to do a workshop with them, and I said yes. It’s not always about money.

Kim talks a bit about his graffiti paintings on different buildings. He has painted a large dragon on a house for his friend, which was appreciated and featured in newspapers. -That became one of Sweden’s big summer news stories in 2015, says Kim.

That led to a woman calling him and wishing for a mural painting on her 81st birthday, which he painted. It also became a fantastic summer news story.

Today, we’ve helped Kim create a sequence of images featuring various figures that he will photograph, ultimately resulting in a colourful figure that will move and walk.

Kim finds inspiration in many different ways, and it has changed over time. He shares that he has ‘built’ his own world, Delicious Brains, some kind of personal visual universe with his imagination. He also draws a lot of inspiration from his beloved little daughter, Maxine.

We at Kirsebergs DV want to thank Kim Demåne for an exciting collaboration.

The text is written by Christina Dimitriou, Editorial team.

Interview with the artist Sigrid Holmwood

Documentation and interview with artist Sigrid Holmwood during her workshop. The film was made by AntennenFilm at Kirsebergs DV.

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Image of artist Sigrid Holmwood being interviewed by a person extending a microphone towards her.
A black and white portrait of the artist Selma Sjöstedt.

Interview with the artist Selma Sjöstedt

An interview by the Poddgruppen at Kirsebergs DV after Selma’s workshop at the konsthall.

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Images from the workshop with Linnea Carlsson

The artist Linnea Carlsson showed us examples of various sculptures of men and women in public spaces. We sketched models and then used those drawings to create our own small sculptures using wire and tape.

Interview with the artist Ellinor Lager.

We at the Redaktionen have interviewed an artist at Malmö Konsthall. Her name is Ellinor Lager, and she has just conducted a workshop with various daily activities centers in Malmö.

Image: Redaktionens DV conducting the interview with Ellinor Lager.

“Sculptures as a language.”

When Ellinor was little, she fantasized about becoming an artist. She enjoyed painting and loved crafting and creating things.

Ellinor explains that she uses materials to create and express her thoughts. When she started doing this, she knew she would become an artist. She felt that it became crucial to work with something visible to progress in what she had in mind.

Ellinor knew that this was exactly what she wanted to do after completing her art education.

  • “When I had been in school for a long time, that’s when I thought, ‘Now I probably should go for this,'” Ellinor shares.

When Ellinor works with her art, a lot revolves around the question of what it means to be a mother or to have a woman’s body. Also, questions about the body and its significance. Ellinor believes that art is a way to express oneself without words.

When it comes to exhibiting, different artists have different approaches. Ellinor feels that other artists are better at calling galleries to exhibit their work.

When someone is to have an exhibition, they ask the artists to send a portfolio of their previous artworks.

At the moment, Ellinor is exhibiting her art at Malmö Konsthall. Before that, she had an exhibition at Celsius Projects in Malmö and exhibited at an old slaughterhouse in Uppsala called Köttinspektionen. Ellinor found it to be a really fun art space. She has even exhibited in London, as well as in Stockholm and Gothenburg.

Ellinor dreams of exhibiting her art abroad, preferably in Venice, where this year’s art exhibition revolves around motherhood, the body, and being human.

Ellinor thinks that the participants in the workshop have done a really good job. She’s fascinated by everything that has been created during the day. Ellinor mentions that the participants have created shapes and signs using fabric from rag rugs and made sculptures with wax. When the glued fabric from the rag rugs has dried, they can be hung on the wall like a painting.

We’ve enjoyed being a part of the workshop. Ellinor has been a great person to collaborate with.

By Christina Dimitriou and Robert Johansson, Redaktionen DV

Several people smiling at the camera.

The autumn program for Lyssna-workshops.

A packed program flyer created by our friends at Kirsebergs DV

Interview video with the artist Viktor Rosdahl

Documentation and interview with Viktor Rosdahl during his workshop. The film was made by AntennenFilm at Kirsebergs DV.

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Ljusblå bild med texten bilder saknas.

Interview with the artist Sofia Zwahlen

An interview by av Poddgruppen at Kirsebergs DV after Sofias workshop at konsthallen.

Listen to the interview

Interview video with Tom di Maria

Interview with Tom di Maria, director of Creative Growth Art Center in California, about the artist William Scott. The interview was conducted by Redaktionen and filmed by AntennenFilm at Kirsebergs DV.

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Documentation of the workshop with Tom di Maria

Tour and workshop at Malmö Konsthall with Tom Di Maria. The film was made by AntennenFilm at Kirsebergs DV.

Pictures from Tom Di Maria’s visit to Kirsebergs DV

Tom visited the various facilities at Kirsebergs DV alongside Antje and Lucy from Malmö Konsthall. We talked a lot and had lunch together.

Opening at Malmö Konsthall

Ali and Christina from Kirsebergs DV are listening to Tom di Maria at the opening of the exhibition featuring the artist William Scott.

Two people listening to a speech.
Invitation to workshops within the project "Lyssna"

The summer program for the “Lyssna” workshops.

A packed program flyer created by our friends at Kirsebergs DV

The workgroup is reviewing the program.

Ali, Görgen, and Balint are reviewing the program brochure of the project intended to be sent to various places in Skåne.

Image of participants in the project "Lyssna".

Images from the first digital meeting.

Images from the initial video meetings with the invited artists, project leaders, and participants.

Reflections after the first digital meeting with the artists

Interview by supervisor Camilla Landin with Ali Reza from the workgroup. Editing: Juled Tairi.

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