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Welcome Ingela Ihrman’s wooden sculpture to Guldängen

En stor träskulptur, cirka 15 meter lång, ligger på konsthallens golv. Kroppen är skapad av pinnar, stubbar och grenar från döda alar.
Ingela Ihrman, “First Came the Landscape”, 2023. Photo: Helene Toresdotter

Welcome Ingela Ihrman’s wooden sculpture to Guldängen


Ingela Ihrman’s artwork “First Came the Landscape,” previously showcased in the exhibition at the konsthall in fall 2023, is now finding new life at Guldängen’s construction playground! The piece, a fifteen-meter-long wooden figure crafted from sticks, branches, roots, and logs from dead alder trees from Bulltofta nature reserve, serves as a commentary on the origins of humans and nature. At the opening, you can meet the artist, participate in a creative workshop, and barbecue by the fire.

Ingela Ihrman has donated the giant sculpture “First Came the Landscape” to the construction and cultivation playground at Guldängen in Sofielund, Malmö, where it will now become a permanent feature. Play is central to Ingela Ihrman’s creation, and the idea is for the artwork at Guldängen to become a part of children’s play, allowing them to interact with it in various ways. Guldängen is a manned construction playground and urban farming space operated by Växtvärket Malmö, which, in turn, spearheads various projects focusing on child-friendly and sustainable cities.

Inauguration and workshops

The inauguration at Guldängen’s construction playground begins with short speeches by Ingela Ihrman, art hall director Mats Stjernstedt, and Ellinor Portinson, project manager at Guldängen. From 12 to 15, there will be an art workshop, and sausage and flatbread will be provided for grilling.

Guldängen is also hosting workshops related to the artwork on the day before, Tuesday the 20th of February, from 12 to 15, and on the same time on Thursday the 22nd of February. The activities are primarily aimed at families with children aged 6 to 10, but are open to all. During the workshops, you’ll get to create using various materials and techniques and participate in crafting stories about the character that has moved into Guldängen. By the fire, we’ll prepare a simple snack together with hot drinks. Warmly welcome in the winter cold!

“It has become increasingly important for me to work sustainably and with materials that already exist in nature, avoiding burdening the environment and ensuring they can be returned to nature.”

Ingela Ihrman about “First Came the Landscape”

About Guldängen
Film about ”First Came the Landscape”


What: Inauguration & workshop
When: Wednesday 21.2 at 13
Where: Guldängen’s construction playground, Uddeholmsparken in Malmö

In collaboration with Guldängen’s construction playground and with the support of the Joh. N Dyberg Foundation’s donation for the beautification of the city.

En lekplats i hembyggd stil med en massa färgglatt målade hus, blomlådor med mera.
Guldängen’s construction playground in Summer.