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Kollaborativet: Seminar

Person in a wheelchair under textile formation in a luminous boat room.
”Röra!” by Kollaborativet with students from Valdemarsro specialized high school. Photo: Johan Danielsson

Kollaborativet: Seminar – Who gets to be heard and seen in the space of art?


Who gets to occupy the space in the world of art? Is art accessible to everyone? In connection with the exhibition “RÖRA!”, Kollaborativet invites you to a seminar, ‘Who gets to be heard and seen in the space of art?’. The conversation will revolve around questions related to inclusion and diversity in art and the art world. The panel includes Marie Wetterstrand, art teacher at Valdemarsro specialized high school, Ylva Brännström, art educator at Malmö Konsthall, and Ellen Spens, performing artist in Kollaborativet. Ylva Gislén moderates the discussion.

Exploring creative diversity

During the autumn of 2023, Kollaborativet conducted a co-creative artistic process together with students and educators at Valdemarsro specialized high school in Malmö. The process took place over twelve weeks at the school. The sense of touch and our experience of movement were explored together with the students in encounters with various materials and objects, changes in light, and sound creation in the space. With this exhibition, Kollaborativet aims to highlight children and young people with disabilities in their creative processes and allow them to take up space at Konsthallen as a public space. At the same time, the intention is to offer children and young people a space where each individual’s unique way of interacting with and experiencing the world is welcome and expected.

“Röra!” is directed both to families with children with disabilities as well as to other people in society who have little or no knowledge or contact with the broad group of children and young people with various disabilities. The hope with the exhibition is also that art institutions will be inspired to open up their activities to more people and that knowledge, courage, and openness to diversity will increase.

Read more about “Röra!”

Kollaborativet is a performing arts collective operating at the intersection of movement, performance, and visual/installation art. A defining characteristic of Kollaborativet is that the group creates sensory performing arts, continuously engages in co-creative processes with children and young people with disabilities and their educators, and maintains an ongoing dialogue with researchers.



What: Seminar

When: Wednesday August 21st, from 17:30-18:30
Where: C-room

Free admission