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Film screening: The documentary “Pyuupiru 2001–2008”

Movie cover for a documentary about the artist Pyuupiru. The artist's face is concealed by a crocheted costume, revealing only full lips, long false eyelashes, and a gaze that captivates the viewer.
Cover “Pyuupiru 2001–2008”. Photo: Masayuki Yoshinaga

Film screening: The documentary “Pyuupiru 2001–2008”


Pyuupiru is a Japanese artist who has been an inspiration to Leif Holmstrand for many years, and there is a strong kinship and mutual respect for each other’s work. In conjunction with Holmstrand’s exhibition, we will be screening the documentary “Pyuupiru 2001–2008” by filmmaker Daishi Matsunaga, which follows Pyuupiru’s exploration of her identity and later gender-affirming surgery. The film screening will begin with a brief introduction by Leif Holmstrand.

About the documentary

In the documentary “Pyuupiru 2001–2008” (2011), we get to follow Pyuupiru, filmed by an old friend, Daishi Matsunaga, over a period of eight years. The film follows Pyuupiru from the time when the artist started frequenting clubs wearing eccentric handmade costumes, through a gender identity disorder, a broken heart and gender-affirming surgery. In 2005 she did a performance at Yokohama Triennale as a compilation of her life experiences. Pyuupiru was born male, but gradually realized that her body did not fit her. Today, she is a highly acclaimed contemporary artist who works in various fields, including costume design, writing, and character design, with a focus on the body and gender.

About the screening

The film has a duration of approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes, and refreshments can be purchased at the restaurant Smak before the film begins. The film is screened with English subtitles. Holmstrand’s exhibition “Life of Termites: The End” will remain open in the evening until 19:00 – take the opportunity to explore the exhibition before the film screening. In the exhibition, Holmstrand also showcases other relevant artistic works that have influenced his own creative process. Pyuupiru contributes with a piece about transgender identity, titled “Selfportrait #24 – A Demon Murderer Celebrating a Ritual.” Holmstrand had previously brought Pyuupiru’s works to Sweden as a curator for the exhibition “Translation Theme Park” at Galleri 21 and Galleri Ping Pong in Malmö in 2014.

See the trailer here


What: Film screening
When: Wednesday 28.2 at 18–20:45. The duration of the film is 2,5 hours and is introduced by Leif Holmstrand. The film is screened with English subtitles.
Where: C-salen

Free admission, but limited seating (90 seats)

Pyuupiru is born in Japan 1974 and lives in Tokyo. She is a highly acclaimed contemporary artist, who also works in a wide range of fields such as art direction, character design, costume design, writing, and so on. The art works that Pyuupiru creates are characterized by their working processes. She absorbs opposed concepts such as “life and death”, “men and women”, “one and other”, and “hurt and damage”, through her own experiences and thoughts, and she assimilates them, sublimates them into higher concepts, and then gives concrete form to them.With her original view of the world, she currently creates installations, movies, performances, portraits, sculpture works.

Daishi Matsunaga is born in Tokyo in 1974. Matsunaga started his career as an actor before he went on to direct music videos and commercials. His highly acclaimed documentary “Pyuupiru 2001– 2008” (premiere in 2011) has been screened at several international film festivals. His film “Pieta in the Toilet” (2015), was awarded at the Yokohama Film Festival, and was his fiction film debut.