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Since its founding in 1994, the Malmö Konsthall bookshop has offered the largest and most diverse selection of art books in the South of Sweden. Here, you can find the perfect gift for a friend, or expand your own knowledge of the contemporary art scene.

There is a large selection of books in the expanded fields of art to delve into: photography books, artists’ books, poetry, theory, comics, and children’s books. The magazine section is well-stocked, and offers a great selection of local and national art and culture magazines and journals. If you are looking to decorate your walls or send somebody a greeting, we have plenty of posters and postcards to choose from–going as far back as the opening of Malmö Konsthall in 1975. The konsthall produces posters and postcards for each exhibition, and sometimes an additional printed catalogue, all of which are available for purchase. A conventional, casual, international bookshop for Malmö locals and distant visitors alike!

Opening hours

The bookshop is usually open when the gallery is open. Deviations can occur, for example when the gallery changes exhibitions.   You can find information about our opening hours here.

For inquiries about catalogues, posters, or other products in the bookshop contact: per.engstrom@malmo.se. You can also reach us by phone on +46 (0)40 34 60 00.

Some of our posters

  • Poster Åke Hodell: Svartvitt självporträtt, foto och collage, av Åke Hodell i flygarmössa och överstrukna ögon.
    Poster Åke Hodell 2022
  • Poster Ragna Bley. Brun, rosa och blå mjuk form
    Poster Ragna Bley 2020
  • Poster Henrik Olesen. Svartvitt porträtt av en man, ett halvätet äpple svävar framför ansiktet
    Poster Henrik Olesen 2011
  • Poster "Christer Strömholm" 2002. Fotografiskt porträtt av dam med korpsvart hår och pudrad hud.
    Poster Christer Strömholm 1996
  • Poster Abakanowicz. Brun-grå skulptur
    Poster Magdalena Abakanowicz 1977