Young woman wearing a Palestinian shawl fine-tunes her artwork on the wall.
Katharina Sieverding setting up her self-portraits for the “Eye-Gazes/New Media 1” exhibition at Malmö Konsthall, 1975. Photo: Laszlo Bogardy

Eye-Gazes/New Media 1

22.3 – 25.5 1975

The ambition was to showcase the hall as a workshop right from the inauguration, where approximately 20 international artists working with new media such as text, film, video, and photography could demonstrate the possibilities of Malmö Konsthall. Katharina Sieverding, a former student of the legendary artist Joseph Beuys, is seen here installing her work. Her photographic self-portraits, part of the Katharina Sieverding Series 196/1973, were assembled to create a gigantic image.

Fred Forest, who, in one of his video works, live-streamed city life outside Malmö Konsthall, was accompanied by the French artist Paul-Armand Gette, a close friend and source of inspiration for several of konsthall Director Eje Högestätt’s notable exhibition projects. Jean Sellem, an artist and gallerist based in Lund, engaged in conversation with the two French artists Jacques Charlier and Christian Boltanski, both of whom participated in the “Moments/New Media 1” exhibition.

Svartvit bild av två män som står och tittar på inglasade verk på en vägg. En av männen kikar in i kameran.
Fred Forest and Jean Paul Gette study the exhibition at Malmö Konsthall, 1975. Photo: Laszlo Bogardy
Svartvit bild av tre män som står tillsammans och skrattar. Året är 1975.
Jacques Charlier, Jean Sellem, and Christian Boltanski in conversation within Malmö Konsthall. Malmö Konsthall, 1975. Photo: Laszlo Bogardy