Logga för FATHTER
Charlotte Jung, “Father”. From the book “Collected”, Timglaset Editions 2023.

Charlotte Jung

6.5–4.6 2023

Charlotte Jung’s minimalist and concrete poetry is an in-depth exploration into the basic building blocks of written language. By zooming in and closely examine words, their meaning, connotations and syllables, together with the visual traits of language, a more direct and intimate level of com-munication is made possible. The minimal poem by its removal of chronology, and highlighting of the visual, manages to give form to a dynamic landscape between image and text.

A major part of the poems displayed in this exhibition is also featured in Charlotte Jung’s newly released collection of poems “Collected”, an extensive selection from the major part of her work up to date. “Collected” was published earlier this spring by Timglaset Editions and is available for purchase in the Malmö Konsthall bookstore.

Charlotte Jung is originally from Stockholm, Sweden, and today she divides her time between the Stockholm countryside and Chicago. Charlotte’s debut collection “C” was published in 2019, and she has since then published a number of chapbooks, most recently “ABCDE” (Trombone, 2021) and “Rape” (The Blasted Tree, 2022).

Logga för Codependency
Charlotte Jung, codependency. From the book “Collected”, Timglaset Editions 2023
Charlotte Jung, “Ukraine”.