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Sound art with SUNWALD

Porträtt på artisten SUNWALD. Han står i en skog

Sound art with SUNWALD


Under the artist name SUNWALD, Samuel Sundin Waldenström fills architectural spaces with minimalist electronic music that evokes contemporary film soundtracks and the pioneers of electroacoustic music. SUNWALD has now composed a sound art piece that will incorporate KOO JEONG A’s sculpture at Konsthallen. The sculpture acts both as a stage for the sound piece and as a surface for the audience to use for listening to the work.

SUNWALD has previously performed a sound piece at Malmö Konsthall dedicated to Siri Aurdal’s exhibition. This time, he provides Konsthallen with a sound piece that resembles a story about the life of a star. Inspired by recordings and data from European and North American space programs about the sun, the artist has chosen to freely interpret what might have sounded before a star’s birth and what a star might have heard during its life.


What: Sound art When: Sunday June 15th, at 13.30–14.30 Where: The exhibition hall

Free admission, limited seats