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Frog workshop with Malmö Museum

En fläckig groda i närbild mot blå bakgrund.

Frog workshop with Malmö Museum


Malmö Museum’s educators showcase live frogs, toads, and axolotls. Come face to face with some of the world’s most poisonous animals and learn the difference between a toad and a frog.

The workshop is inspired by the konsthall’s current exhibition featuring Ingela Ihrman, who creates sculptural costumes representing animals and plants. In November, she performed the piece “The Toad” dressed in a toad costume.


What: Workshop
When: Thursday 4.1 at 13–16:30
Where: The Workshop

Drop in, free entrance

En groda i människostorlek försöker hoppa över en bock. Publiken tittar roat på.
Ingela Ihrman’s performance “The Toad” at Malmö Konsthall.