Black lightbulb in a white circle on a light yellow surface.
CD created for Bo Cavefors, ‘Barnsliga memoarer’, 1995. Illustration: Carsten Regild.

Bo Cavefors förlag – A Boundless History of Culture

15.11 – 9.12 2018

Bo Cavefors founded his publishing firm in 1959 in Lund at the young age of 23. His selection of works to publish was very progressive, and over a 20-year period over 620 titles were published in a number of different genres. Among other things, he allowed artists to create books as they wished, opened up his publishing house to new African literature, and launched a paperback series, BOC-serien, for contemporary philosophy and topical social issues. The African series had covers by CO Hultén, and Cavefors soon also published books on art. Mats B., Torsten Weimarck and Ragnar von Holten are just a few of the writers.

Seldom on well-trodden paths

Cavefors continually experimented with format – it could be quickly produced and small but also expensively done. He always deviated from the era’s main highways, not just in terms of form and design but also in terms of the ideas in his books. His catalogue contained names like Ernst Jünger, Karl Marx, Lautréamont, Roland Barthes and Per Engdahl. Cavefors knew no limits to what was permitted to be said and printed. His regular catalogue was often more than an ordinary advertising brochure and more like an artistic fanzine, not least thanks to Carsten Regild’s black lightbulb, which became something of an unofficial logo for the firm.

A tribute to Cavefors in Malmö Konsthall’s bookstore

As a tribute to Cavefors’ fantastic contribution as a publisher, Malmö Konsthall now presents a selection of his firm’s books. The selection and presentation are done by author and art critic Thomas Millroth, who was also a close friend of Bo Cavefors.

The opening is followed by a conversation about Bo Cavefors förlag with Lena Mattsson, artist, Måns Holst-Ekström, author and art critic, and Thomas Millroth, author and art critic. Moderator: Per Engström, Malmö Konsthall Bookshop. C-salen.

Moderator: Per Engström, Malmö Konsthall’s bookstore.

Lena Mattsson’s film projection ‘”n the Shadow of Truth” from 2017, a collaboration with the author and all-around artist Cavefors, is shown as a complement to the publisher’s books and printed materials. Lena Mattsson has artistically documented and filmed Bo Cavefors for many years. Two of her films, ‘In the Eye of the Beholder’ (2014) and ‘The Cultural Onanist’ (2015), are shown in connection with the exhibition.

The video film “I betraktarens öga” will be shown as a re-edited single-screen documentary film version. The synchronised video triptych was shown in 2014 at Moderna Museet. Both the video triptych and the documentary film shed light on the life and times of the myth, man and human being Bo Cavefors. The film has English subtitles and is 35:29 minutes long. The music was specially composed by Conny C-A Malmqvist. C-salen.