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Seminar: Elites and the critique against the establishment

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The cultural journal Fronesis realeases a new issue and invites you to a seminar.

Seminar: Elites and the critique against the establishment


The inequality debate has recently become more focused on elites. The new issue of the cultural journal Fronesis explores the worldview, mobility, and political influence of elites, as well as how the very idea of “the elite” is today being used by populist movements to mobilize anger against both “the cultural left” and the middle class. Axel Vikström moderates a panel discussion about the issue with researchers Niklas Altermark, Petter Sandgren and Linda Alamaa. The program is in Swedish.

The idea that one or several elites are becoming more powerful has become increasingly prominent in the public debate. However, there is no consensus regarding which actors make up this “elite” and how it actually operates. If one listens to the left, the elite consists of networks between wealthy owners and their political allies. If one listens to the right, the elite consists of politically correct liberals. That said, both camps seems to agree that a growing group of professional “managers” has gained too much influence over the development of society.

The new issue of the cultural journal Fronesis takes a broad approach to the elite, both as actual actors and as a rhetorical figure. How is the use of the elite concept affected by its roots in fascist sentiments? How do new class coalitions contribute to securing the interests of the elite in a time of austerity? Why is it that the middle class and human resources workers are so often singled out as elites? These questions, and many more, will be discussed by three of the issue’s contributors during this seminar, arranged as part of the release of the issue.

About the seminar

Participating in the seminar are Niklas Altermark (researcher at Lund University and the union think thank Katalys), Petter Sandgren (researcher at Stockholm University), and Linda Alamaa (researcher at Halmstad University and one of the editors of the issue). The moderator for the discussion is Axel Vikström, PhD student at Örebro University and a member of Fronesis’ editorial committee. The seminar, which starts at 5:30, is in Swedish and lasts approximately 75 minutes.


What: Seminar
When: Wednesday 27.3 at 17–19
Where: C-salen

Free admission. NOTE: In Swedish