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FILMVISNING: Joëlle de La Casinière


Den franska konstnären och filmskaparen Joëlle de La Casinière kommer att presentera några av sina experimentella kortfilmer. Över 130 av Joëlle de La Casinères fantastiska collages, Tablotins (1970–2014), och hennes verk Tablotins musiqués (2018) visas för närvarande i sommarutställningen Three Moral Tales tillsammans med 20 av hennes artist’s books.

Filmvisningen inleds med ett samtal mellan Joëlle de La Casinière och konsthallschef Mats Stjernstedt.

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Om filmerna:

Cargadores, Peru 1971, 16mm, black and white (DVD with music, 2007,  by Jacques Lederlin), 13 min. In the streets of Cuzco there are human beings who carry the huge bundle of all the world’s woes on their backs. Carlos Ferrand’s camera sees just them, and follows them one after the other, much more laden than beasts of burden, with panoramic shots of the time it takes them to cross the field.

Le petit touriste, Peru 1975, 16mm, colour,  26 minutes.
A ”train movie” in the Urubamba valley, where a young gringo seems to be having bad dreams. All this racket of the train and the sound of a local band punctuate the elliptical editing of a phoney narrative, which pretends to end in Cuzco.

Again On The Seas, Bruxelles 2015,  video colour, 30 min. Music by Jacques Lederlin.
During the shooting of several films in Peru, 1974, the whole team of Montfaucon fellows at a certain point took a trip across the Andes. Riding their Land Rover, they had the idea of photgraphing constantly the huge landscapes through the car window in motion. These Ektachromes shot with a Leica 50mm lens became many many years later a precious archive, which has been digitalized, cleaned up and edited on original music by Jacques Lederlin.

Suite, Peru 1975, super 8 blown up to 16mm, black and white, 20 minutes. Music by Jacques Lederlin.
Street mechanics in Lima. Standing near a ditch dug beside the highway, they dance on the spot and hail cars as they brandish exhaust pipes. The image is grainy, with contrasting black and white. No synchronous sound but a musical distortion, using the cello, of limbo for a ghostly and yet facetious film: Los mecánicos, emerging from their graves, haunt the street, joking and playing foot-ball.

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Bild: Joëlle de La Casinière, Le petit touriste, Peru 1975. Stillbild från film.