Närbild av ett av Michael Rakowitz färgstarka verk i papir maché.



Information in Arabic: Irakisk Afton

The Iraqi Cultural Association in Malmö returns to Malmö Konsthall for a night of celebration, traditional Iraqi music and fragrant sweets.

Zakaria is a traditional feast, observed by Iraqi citizens and descendants all over the world. It’s related to the prophet Zakaria, but also the ancient fertility deities of ancient Mesopotamia. On this night, family members, friends and neighbours gather round a tray laden with candy, sweet deserts, green leafs and candles. As the participants help themselves to the delicacies they also make a silent wish.

The Iraqi Cultural Association in Malmö invites all visitors of Malmö Konsthall to take part in this open and easygoing celebration. Enjoy Iraqi music and confectionaries and make a wish of your own – who knows, it might come true!

Primary languages spoken: Swedish and Arabic.

The Iraqi Cultural Association in Malmö enjoys the support of ABF Malmö.

Photo: Michael Rakowitz, The invisible enemy should not exist (Room G, Northwest Palace of Nimrud, Panel 23), detail. Foto: Malmö Konsthall