Kvinna i träningskläder och utsläppt hår som håller upp ena handen i en knuten näve och blickar mot kameran
Photo: Matilda Alehke

Workshop: Weini Smon

Radical and intentional self-care workshop 7.5 2022

Malmö Konstall, curator Elena Wolay and Weini Smon invites you to the Radical and intentional self-care workshop.

This workshop is to discuss the history of radical self-care, what it meant for the black power movement and how it can be applied in the fight for social justice today. The discussions will take place in a group setting and we will explore different wellness methods together. The workshop is beginner friendly; no previous experience or knowledge is required.

Weini Smon is a Stockholm based Vinyasa and Ashtanga Yoga teacher with Eritrean roots. She became a certified Yoga instructor in 2020 from Sampoorna Yoga Teacher Training Training in Goa. Weini describes yoga as a practice to enhance your mental and physical resilience and self-exploration. She has experienced a lack of diversity in the wellness space is something that she wants to change by creating safe spaces for People of Color. It should not be a privilege to have access to wellness but rather a necessity and a fundamental right.

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For people of color and others who sympathize with racialized people. Limited number of places. Pre-register to info.konsthall@malmo.se

Bring a pen and a notepad

The workshop is a part of Evening program Åke Hodell: Black Power

More information about the exhibition Åke Hodell – Resistance