Blå rosa bakgrund med moln, bergskedja och en person i samma färgskala

BOKRELEASE med samtal: Simulacra 2


The book Simulacra 2 presents artistic works that relate to fictionalized reality. Participating are the artists Patricio Dalgo (EC), Narae Jin (KR), Marit Lindberg (SE), Henrik Lund Jørgensen (DA), Katti Lundh (SE), Lena Ollmark (SE), Leif Skoog (SE), Michelle Monareng (RSA) and Johan Suneson (SE ). Graphic design: Andreas Nordström.

The book is presented in a talk (in Swedish) with Johan Suneson, Marit Lindberg and Lars-Henrik Ståhl. A few more artists might participate via zoom.

“Simulacra” is the plural form of the term simulacrum, which describes something artificial which is taken for reality. In art and literature, human-like creatures exist and come to life. The Picture of Dorian Gray, Pinocchio, Frankenstein’s Monster, Homunculus, and Golem are examples of this. The number ‘2’ in the title is used with the meaning: a copy without the original, or, a copy of a copy. It is almost the same as naming a boat ‘Jesus Christ 2’, or saying that second hand denotes something used. The concept of Simulacra has changed meaning over time. It concerns the responsibility and enormous possibilities of creativity.

The book is sold to a special price during the release. Maximum 50 people, no pre-booking.