Porträtt av Felicia Mulinari

Amfi-scenkonst: Svaghetens parti av Felicia Mulinari


The second part of Amfi’s series with new drama is now being played to an audience at Malmö Konsthall. The text Svaghetens parti by Malmö based author Felicia Mulinari is a lyrical depiction of pain and illness in which Mulinari examines political and existential conditions for weakness and care. What does it mean when the body is a deficiency, and which are all the bodies that carry other bodies ib our society today?

The text is performed by Sandra Medina, in a sound world designed by Sibille Attar and directed by Saga Gärde.

NB! In Swedish. A maximum of 30 people per show. Bookings here

Amfi is a new cultural platform aiming to develop and challenge Swedish contemporary drama and give space for literary voices to write for the stage.