Svartvitt porträtt av Anisur Rahman sittandes på en bänk

Smockadoll förlag: Bengal Street Art and the Lyrics of Rohingya Refugees


Conversation, Screening and Live Features by street artist Ruhul Amin Kajol, author Anisur Rahman and Kristian Carlsson from Smockadoll förlag.
Language: English, Swedish, Danish, Bengal

Free, but limited number of seats.
Co-organiser: Smockadoll Förlag

Ruhul Amin Kajol was born in Bangladesh in 1956 and lives in Denmark. He’s a socially comitted artist, who since the 1980’s has had exhibitions all over the world. His street art is staged through collective processes. From “Street Art” he coined the more striking concept of “Traffic Art”. Or, as Ebadur Rahman pointed out in Flash Art Asia: “Like a hip-hop poet, Ruhul Amin Kajol’s public art projects mix pop, politics, spirit and a strange sadness.”

Anisur Rahman was born in Bangladesh in 1978 and lives in Sweden. He’s a writer, poet and dramatist, with quite a number of books under his belt. In Swedish most recently Diskouppdraget och andra berättelser. Thanks to his direction, the public literary scene in Uppsala has increased through unexpected collaborations, and new literary names have arisen. During 2018 he has initiated writing workshops among Rohingya refugees in Teknaf in south-eastern Bangladesh – a long-range project for stories from a silenced people.

Kristian Carlsson is born in 1978. He is a poet and translator, with a dramatical number of books under his belt since the debut in 1996. In his first decade as publisher of Smockadoll Förlag, he has introduced a large number of exile writers to Swedish readers. He is also one of the founders of the Swedish branch of Bushwick Book Club, as well as leading several other concepts for the public literary scene.

IMAGE: Anisur Rahman. Photo: Fredrik Haglund