Bild av liten flicka med kladdigt rött läppstift som leker med en brinnande tändsticka.

Short films by Leslie Thornton


The American artist Leslie Thornton has worked with film since 1975. In her films, she explores how meaning can be created, produced and distributed via and within media. Thornton: “I see myself as writing with media, and I position the viewer as an active reader, not a consumer. The goal is not a product, but shared thought.”

The first part of her epic film series Peggy and Fred in Hell (1984–2014), The Prologue, will be shown together with some of her experimental short films.

Jennifer, Where Are You?, 1981 (10 min.)
Peggy and Fred in Hell: The Prologue, 1985 (21 min.)
Strange Space, 1993 (4 min.)
The Last Time I Saw Ron, 1994 (12 min.)
Barbie Melts, 2017 (11 min.)
Courtesy konstnären and Rodeo, London/Piraeus

In cooperation with IFEMA – International Female Film Festival Malmö
Free admission but places are limited.

Image: Leslie Thornton, Jennifer, Where Are You?, 1981 (still). 16mm film transferred to digital video. Courtesy the artist and Rodeo, London/Piraeus