Målning i rött, orange, beige och svart. En kvinna, kanske en häxa, håller i två ölstop.
Sigrid Holmwood, Ale wife, 2022. Photo: Malmö Konsthall

Performance with Sigrid Holmwood

3.12 2022

The artist Sigrid Holmwood shows how to make pigment from the plant madder, while she tells the story of Malmö’s witch trials in 1590.

Sigrid Holmwood – one of the 50 Malmö artists participating in the ongoing exhibition In the city grows a field – makes a performance in which she produces pigments from madder and talks to the audience about the background to Malmö’s witch trials in 1590. Madder is one of the historically most important red plant dyes. Holmwood will also talk about how Malmö’s witch trials and madder relate to her work in the exhibition (pictured above), and welcomes questions and dialogue. Holmwood’s performance will run continuously for an hour. In Swedish.

Sigrid Holmwood (b. 1978, Hobart, Australia) lives and works in Malmö. She is educated at Goldsmiths College, London (2021); College of Art, London (2000–2002) and BFA Ruskin School of Art, Oxford University (1997–2000).

Bord ovanifrån med bunkar, burkar och tillbringare, och i kanten finns en lite torr grön växt med rötter. I mitten står en bunke med en tjock orangeröd gegga som också har spillts här och var på bordet.
Performance with madder at the opening of In the City Grows a Field. Foto: Helena Pataki


What: Performance
When: Sat 3.12 at 1–2 pm
Where: The Exhibition hallLanguage:: Swedish

Drop in, admission free