ett skåp med lådor, luckorna är öppna och framför ligger två par vita handskar

PAGES: A 20th anniversary archive


PAGES is an annual international artist’s fair in Britain, organized by John McDowall and Chris Taylor, for over 20 years. The first fair was held in Halifax, 1998, but in recent years it has been at the “The Tetley”, a culture house, in Leeds.

In this archive you find a selection of what has been shown over the years at the fair. In Britain, artists’ books have a prominent position as an artistic expression, with special departments at art schools and art research institutes, which focus mainly on the artists’ books. The PAGES archive provides an interesting insight into British artist’s book practice.

Co-organisers: MABB – Malmö Artists’ Book Biennial and Studiefrämjandet i Malmö

Image: PAGES: A 20th anniversary archive. Photo: Christel Lundberg