Bild av ett äldre bokomslag med titeln Dyrehaven.

OPENING: The Danish Photobook 1919–2019


What qualifies a book to be a photobook, and what qualifies it to be selected as a particularly good and important one? This exhibition presents a selection of about 50 to 75 photobooks from 1919 to 2019, including Dyrehaven by Sigvart Werner, which was published in 1919 and considered to be the first Danish photobook. The presentation is part of the work with an upcoming book about 200 good and important photobooks over a 100-year period. The curators and editors are Carsten Brandt, who has written about photography for many years, Tommy Kirkegaard, antiquarian book dealer, and Finn Larsen, who is a photographer and visual artist.

Part of Copenhagen Photo Festival 2019.

Image: Sigvart Werner, Dyrehaven, 1919 (cover)