Två personer, fotograferade från midjan, blundar samt sitter och lutar sig mot varandra. De är centrerade i bild och inramade av en färgad cirkel med låg opacitet.
Photo from the movie Powernapper´s paradise, Two individuals are napping with their heads against eachothers.

Nordic Panorama Film Festival 2022

Screening of Powernapper’s Paradise 22.9–27.9 2022

Whilst we generally discourage napping at festival screenings, this one is slightly different… When filmmaker Samir Arabzadeh first moved to the Philippines, a big cultural difference he discovered between his new life and his old life in Sweden was that of “napping culture”. He’d see it anywhere and everywhere, at any time during day or night. It fascinated him. So much so, he decided to make a film about it: Powernapper’s Paradise. Presented at Malmö Konsthall complete with suitably comfortable seating so if you’re feeling all festivaled out, get cosy, and grab yourself forty winks.


Weekdays: 11 am – 3 pm
Sat & Sun: 11 am – 5 pm
Duration: 15 min

Where: C-salen, entrance via SMAK
Admission free

A collaboration with Nordic Panorama Film Festival 2022 and Malmö Konsthall

OBS! The main exhibition is closed for reconstruction.