svartvit bild på tidningssida med text och en boll

LECTURE: Rudolf Broby-Johansen, Coffee Table Books and Communist Art Production


With Jacqueline de Jong’s The Situationist Times as point of departure Jakob Jakobsen, artist and activist, will talk about the image book and the movement for democratising art by means of offset printing and mass distribution. This tendency can be found in the proposal of a ‘Museum without Walls’ (Museum Imaginaire) by the French cultural critic and politician André Malraux, and it was put into practice through the numerous image books he and others produced for people to experience art in their everyday lives. The Danish communist educator Broby-Johansen was one of the first authors to use the book in this way through the many picture albums he published in the 1940s and beyond.

In Danish. Free, but limited number of seats.

Image from Rudolf Broby-Johansen, Hverdagskunst – Verdenskunst (Everyday Art – World Art), 1942