Konstlyftet: Kvadrat upphöjt till tolv

Exhibition in the workshop 11.6 –14.8 2022

During six occasions in the spring of 2022, twelve people from LSS in Malmö has cerated art with the artist Max Avasoo. The colourful result can now be seen in the Workshop at Malmö Konsthall.

Konstlyftet 2.0 is an evolved version of a previous project at Malmö Konsthall, which is now taking place in collaboration with the Funktionsstödsförvaltningen in Malmö and MKB Fastighets AB.

Konstlyftet 2.0 also includes a design assignment that will be insatelled in the autumn of 2022 at Bellevuegården.

Many thanks to participants and staff

Artists & projectmanaging: Max Avasoo

Artists & projectmanaging: Antje Nilsson and Lucy Smalley, Malmö Konsthall

En bild som visar en deltagare i Konstlyftet skapa i verkstan