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Bild av collage, papper, färg och pensel i pastelliga färger.

February Break Workshops

21.2–24.2 2023

During the February break we will take inspiration from the Gothenburg-based artist Eric Magassa and test how colours, shapes and patterns can send out different signals to the viewer! Through abstract painting we will reflect upon the patterns we find in our urban spaces and how they shape our ideas around home and belonging. This drop-in workshop is suitable for all ages and it’s always free to participate!

Two of the workshops are arranged at Malmö Konsthall, one at the library Garaget and one at the library Husiebiblioteket.

Date & place:

Tue 21 feb at Malmö Konsthall at 1–4.30pm 
Wed 22 feb at Husiebiblioteket at 1–3pm 
Thu 23 feb at Malmö Konsthall at 1–4.30pm
Fri 24 feb at Garaget at 1–3pm 

What: Workshop
When: 21–24.2
Where: Malmö Konsthall, Husiebiblioteket & Garaget

Drop in, admission free