Evil in Lümmelberga


Premiere of performance-plant Evil in Lümmelberga of the Institute. # 4: “Daddy is not dead, he just changed his tactics” A dream of the infringement, the longing for something to happen that breaks the status quo. The Institute is trying with its new series Evil in Lümmelberga understand the provocation function in the institutional area. In the first part of the system established the necessary positions, their mutual dependencies and pleasures. Boy do mischief, turning to his own father and the hunt itself. Farmhand asleep, dreaming that he is the boy. The maid does not know if she did not exist. The priest speaks, telling the truth. Participants: Ervik Cejvan, Anders Carlsson, Linnea Carlsson, Andreas Catjar, Erica Li and Christoffer Lundqvist Nordholm. NOTE! The show starts at 19.00 and lasts for about 30 minutes. Limited seating so come early.