Gul bokhylla fylld med dylikt. Ovanpå hänger ett cirkelformat träkonstverk

cph flip book nest


Opening 18.4, 6–7 pm
6:30 pm. Introduction by artist Christina Bredahl Duelund

cph flip book nest is a travelling gallery for flip books made by Nordic artists. The gallery was initiated this year and is run by the artist Christina Bredahl Duelund. A flipbook is a series of drawings that gradually varies from side to side, simulating a movement like an animation. For every new exhibition more artists will participate. At Malmö Konsthall works are shown by Malene Hartmann, Bue Bredsdorff, Malin Lobell, Dagmar Radmacher, Stine Gonsholt, Tore Magne, Anna Brag, Vibe Bredahl, Thomas Holmbäck, Anette Jensen, Cecilia Westerberg, Hanne G Grønlund, Gitte Bach, Mette Høyen Andersen, Maria Hornshøj, Lena Ignestam and Christina Bredahl Duelund.

Visitors are welcome to flip through and read the books. White cotton gloves can be borrowed in the “gallery”.

Part of MABB2018.