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Porträtt av Karl Katz Lydén i ett naturlandskap.
Karl Katz Lydén 2022.

Booktalk with Karl Katz Lydén

22.2 at 5–6 pm

Meet the author Karl Katz Lydén in a conversation with the art critic Christine Antaya about the book Poems and Parables on the Political Utility of Art. The talk will be held in Swedish, with readings in English.

The book Poems and Parables on the Political Utility of Art takes up a number of recurring disqualifications of art’s political potential, and refutes them in a threefold movement. Among fables of donkeys, apes and accountants, shoemakers and barricades, German angels and non-German angels, zebras from Gaza, and a poem from Emily Dickinson, the argument outlines art’s transformative possibilities in the figure of labor.

The book was published by BOM DIA BOA TARDE BOA NOITE in Berlin 2021; a Spanish translation is forthcoming in 2023/2024.

Karl Katz Lydén is a writer, critic, editor Found Review, and PhD candidate in philosophy at Södertörn University.

What: Booktalk When: Wed 22.2 at 5–6 Where: Book shop Language: Swedish

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