Rosabok "Dont just give up Quit!"

BOOK RELEASE: Don’t Just Give Up – Quit! by Emma Philipson


Artist Emma Philipson releases her new book Don’t Just Give Up – Quit!. The book is a sequel to Do A Bad Job and Make it Worse, which was published in 2016. The book is available for purchase at a special price during the launch event.

Emma Philipson studied at Umeå Academy of Fine Arts at Umeå University and graduated with a Master’s in Fine Arts in 2004. She then spent some years working with video and performance art. Since 2015 she has worked mainly with drawing and texts. In her artistic practice, she creates a new image every day, which she shares on Instagram. Her aim is to de-dramatise creative processes and have fun with them, to capture the ideas that come to her, whether or not they are good ones. Emma Philipson is based in Malmö.