Svartvit bild av stadslandskap med gångtrafik

BOKRELEASE: Chicago/Ireland by Per L-B Nilsson


Photography and the modern city are two intimately interwoven phenomena; the city’s ever-changing street life has exerted a strong attraction for many photographers and belongs to one of photography’s oldest genres. Swedish photographer Per L-B Nilsson’s first trip to Ireland took place in the mid-1960s and since then he has returned regularly with his camera. The majority of the pictures in this book were taken in Dublin in 1967, but it also includes images from Galway, Tralee, Tubercurry and Derry in the ’70s and ’80s. The timeframe of the Chicago pictures is significantly shorter. They were made between 1981 and ’84 in conjunction with Per L-B Nilsson’s studies at the Institute of Design. The character of the places has influenced the method of photography and the style of the pictures. The grey light and rain lends the Ireland pictures a tone completely different from Chicago’s sharp light and hard contrasts.

The book Chicago/Ireland is published by Art and Theory Publishing in Stockholm. Writer Niclas Östlind, fil. dr. i fotografi vid Akademin Valand. Graphic design: Petter Antonisen.