Workshop with Johan Nahoj

1.11 – 4.11

No plans for the autumn break? Join our workshops with the artist Johan Nahoj!

Johan Nahoj is the architect behind the gigantic work ON HOLD, which is shown in the ongoing exhibition In the City grows a Field at Malmö Konsthall. During the autumn break the artist will lead four workshops; two at Malmö Konsthall and two at the libraries.

The works created at the workshops at the libraries will become part of the ON HOLD archive and presented in the Workshop at Malmö Konsthall. In the 3D-workshops Nahoj will focus on expanding paintings to objects.

Painting does not have to be a flat image. It can also expand in the room, stand on a shelf or wherever it fits. It has fronts, backs and insides. Can the painting take the shape of a house, an animal or something entirely different? Let´s try it out!

Johan Nahoj on the 3D workshop


Workshop in 3D-painting at Malmö Konsthall

Tue 1.11 at 1–4.30 pm
Thu 3.11 at 1–4.30 pm

Workshop in collage technique at the libraries
Wed 2.11 at 1–3 pm at Bellevuegården library
Fri 4.11 at 1–3 pm at Lindängens library

Language: Swedish

Drop in, limited amount of participants
Admission free