En hög med kataloger till utställningen I staden växer ett fält

Artist talks with 7 artists: In the City Grows a Field

13.11 2022

Meet seven of the fifty artists participating in our ongoing exhibition In the City Grows a Field. Through short artist talks and presentations in the exhibition space, Anita Christoffersson, Lars Embäck, Sigrid Holmwood, Tamara de Laval, LealVeileby, Iman Mohammed and Jonelle Twum present their works to the visitors. The tour will be held in Swedish.

In dialogue with the curators of the exhibition, the artists present their works for about ten minutes each. Present are also the four curators of the exhibition: Emily Fahlén, Asrin Haidari, Elena Tzotzi and the director of Malmö Konsthall, Mats Stjernstedt. This is a unique opportunity to get to understand the exhibition on a deeper level, and to hear the artists’ own voice about the artistic process, the creation of the works and the collegial creative power in Malmö.


What: Artist talks

When: Sun 13.11 at 12.30 – 2 pm
Where: The exhibition space
Language: Swedish

Drop in, admission free