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Artist talk: Ethan Hayes-Chute


Artist’s talk with the American artist Ethan Hayes-Chute (b.1982), who is visiting Lilith Performance Studio in November/December with the total performance Pläsnt Dschörnie – New Moves, a parafiction in the form of a moving company. Read more.

In his work, Ethan Hayes-Chute explores vernacular approaches to everyday life. As a start of a new work, he goes through a role-playing process to determine the facts and figures behind the characters whose spaces he envisions. His main focus revolves around self-sufficiency, do-it-yourself mentality and human problem-solving capacities. He often creates spaces that lean towards the domestic realm that manifest in fragments, sections or fully enclosed variations. These environments are dressed with everyday objects that appear as if only momentarily vacated by their unseen inhabitants, their traces apparent on every surface.

Co-organiser: Lilith Performance Studio. Free, but limited number of seats.

Image: Ethan Hayes-Chute, Pläsnt Dschörnie – New Moves, 2019