Ceija Stojka, Ravensbrück 1944, 1994. Private collection. Phto: Helene Toresdotter

A glimpse of Ceija Stojka

12.10 2022 – 21.1 2023

The Roma artist Ceija Stojka survived three concentration camps and was one of the first Roma ever to bear witness to the Holocaust. Malmö Konsthall’s mini-exhibition with Stojka will be open on four Saturdays in December and January, when we also offer a guided tour (in Swedish) with Sannah Salameh and Lacky Daniel.

Malmö Konsthall’s large solo exhibition with the Roma artist Ceija Stojka in the spring of 2021 was hit hard by corona restrictions. Many never had the opportunity to see her powerful paintings of the three concentration camps she survived during World War II. Malmö Konsthall’s mini-exhibition offers a chance to see a small selection of her paintings. On the Saturdays when the exhibition is open we offer a guided tour (in Swedish) with Sannah Salameh and Lacky Daniel.

Sannah Salameh is an artist, writer and television personality. She has worked with art and pedagogy at SVT, Bonniers Konsthall in Stockholm and with several projects at Malmö Konsthall. Lacky Daniel is an activist for Roma rights and has family members who survived the Holocaust. She will provide a unique perspective on Ceija Stojka’s artistry and life as a Roma.


What: Miniexhibition

Opening hours:
Sat 3.12 at 2-4 pm (guided tour 3 pm)
Sat 10.12 at 2-4 pm (guided tour 3 pm)
Sat 14.1 2023 at 2-4 pm (guided tour 3 pm)
Sat 21.1 2023 at 2-4 pm (guided tour 3 pm)
Where: Entrance to the exhibition via our bookshop

Svartvitt porträtt av Ceija Stojka som ler in i kameran. Tatuerade nummer syns på hennes arm.
Portrait of Ceija Stojka, 2005. Photo: Christa Schnepf
Svartvit målning av romskt läger som blir angripet av nazister.
Ceija Stojka, Wo ist meine Familie. Bergen-Belsen 1945, 2006. Private collection. Photo: Helene Toresdotter
The exhibition at Malmö Konsthall 2022. Photo: Helene Toresdotter